Cafe CODA’s Cool School is a Saturday morning session for young musicians interested in learning the basics of improvisation in music and the “language’ that develops in making music together. It’s free to all who wish to participate. A number of percussion, woodwind, brass and string instruments are available to those without instruments.

Cool school gives young people an opportunity to have a tactile experience in the 21st century. It offers liberating musical opportunities to youth in our community.

Many kids of a certain socioeconomic condition cannot ascertain the difference by sight or sound between a guitar and a violin, or a flute and a trumpet. They often don’t have a musical experience in school because they’ve never engaged with a musical instrument.

We recognize that many kids in less fortunate social economic conditions may not have had breakfast that day, which can cause behavior that requires extra attention. If these children don’t have a mentor to take the time, they may not have an opportunity for a musical experience. A young person can come to Cool School if they have an instrument or not, knows how to read music or not, and whether their behavior is cool or not.

All youth are invited, and they’re all welcome! Cool School is every Saturday from 10:00am until 01:00pm.

Sessions for Youth ages 6-12…….10-11AM

Sessions for Youth ages 13-18…..11:30-1PM

We’re thrilled to announce that this summer of 2023, we’ll be launching an extraordinary initiative to bring arts and cultural activities to all corners of Dane County, particularly those less-enfranchised neighborhoods.

We proudly introduce, The CODA MOBILE! 

The CODA MOBILE is a fully-equipped mobile stage unit with state-of-the-art features and an innovative design that transports our local community to a world of vibrant melodies, captivating performances, and cultural celebrations.

We have the remarkable opportunity to collaborate with the community and create an immersive experience of artistic expression.

Our mission is to ignite inspiration and kindle the flames of creativity within both youth and adults who are often overlooked. We’re driven by the desire to bridge the gap and provide access to live music & art for those who may have been denied these opportunities due to limited resources.

Let’s embark on a journey together as we open doors to new possibilities by connecting our community through world-class music and captivating cultural art performances.

Follow our social accounts to stay tuned for the awe-inspiring performances and events that await you this summer!